My love for playing around with all digital technologies started (like most) at a young age. My grandparents purchased a second-hand (it was probably third-hand) Amiga 500 and hooked it up to an old TV. I ended up spending most of my days just playing around not really knowing how it worked but having an immense amount of fun. When I was about 11, my Nan & Grandad picked me up from school and asked me to look into the boot of the car, I’ll never forget the moment when I peeked round to see a custom built Pentium 150mhz PC along with all the peripherals (including CD Drive). I installed the OS (Windows ME) and explored. I must of rebuilt the PC how many times within the first week just because I could.

Working in IT was not something I primarily intended to pursue as a career. The UK education system at the time perceived IT to be more about data input and word processing rather than development or maintenance. Because of this, I decided not to take IT as a chosen subject. It was only by chance that a job opportunity arose for an IT Technician to work at a college for 12 months as an apprentice. I was not their first choice but they decided to give me the job when first guy declined the offer. I ended up working at the same college for nearly 6 years covering pretty much every aspect of IT including development.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in various specialised positions across different businesses within the IT sector. This includes General Support for Windows & Linux (1st, 2nd & 3rd), Technical Solutions Architect, Project Implementation Engineer and Software Development.

I grasped the foundations of software development by studying C# and have pretty much had the bug to develop since. If programmatically possible, I think C# will always be my first language of choice when creating any project and even more so since the release of the ever-growing .NET Core.