Passed MS 70-483 (Programming in C#)

So I finally took the Microsoft 70-483 yesterday using the OP (Online Proctored) method and passed first time. This was my first time using OP delivery and although I would recommend it highly (especially if you live far away from a test centre), always check the OP page which does a great job of explaining exactly what will happen on the day as well as the option to test your PC using the OP software. I did have some slight issues with my laptop due to an Intel process called esrv.exe (Intel’s system usage report service) which thankfully I was able to resolve quickly before the exam. I also lost connection to the exam for around 20 seconds (broadband lost sync…the joys of living in a field) but it managed to recover and I continued on with test.

For studying, I’d recommend the following materials:

  • Exam Ref 70-483 Programming in C# (MCSD): Programming in C#  – Now the order of this book is appalling and from the reviews, some have even found this book to be daunting for someone who’s not working with C# on a day to day, but with that being said, Microsoft have followed the order of exam modules as shown on the site and I personally didn’t find it to that bad of a read. The book helped me hugely so I would recommend to anyone who will be taking this exam.
  • Pluralsight: Getting Started with Asynchronous Programming in .NET – Covers a lot about Async & Await in a clear and concise manner which I felt the Exam Ref failed to deliver.
  • MeasureUp: Microsoft (70-483): Programming in C# – Obviously it’s not the real questions which are in the official exam, but it does highlight your strengths and weakness for each module as well in depth explanations for right and wrong answers.

As for the exam, I found it extremely tough with regards to the complexity (lots of code to quickly familiarise yourself with) and felt the time given was tight. I picked up some tips from forums and found the following steps seemed to work well for me:

  • Try not to spend too much time on one question. If your unsure, then make an educated guess and mark the question for review. This ensures that will have enough time to get through the entire exam as well as being able to work on those long winded questions later.
  • Remember that each answer in multiple choices is still worth 1 point even if you get the other multiple choice incorrect. When using the official MeasureUp practise exams, this was not the case so I was probably averaging better than shown.
  • Go to the toilet just before the exam. This was a big one on forums and multiple people complained how they needed to relieve themselves midway and was denied due to how strict OP is.

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